Giving Thanks: Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

Moon cake1Fall is almost here! We, at Sun Travel we want to extend our deepest appreciation to those who’ve worked with such diligence to support our families, and the tours they choose! We carefully chose 40 boxes of signature moon cakes from the Guangzhou Garden Hotel as our way of saying thanks. This is also particularly special, because this signifies the 30th anniversary of the Garden Hotel which has hosted many of our families on the adoption trips. The moon cakes box was inspired by a Cantonese art piece, and that’s also a nice addition to this type of occasion. 


The tour guides, have made many sacrifices to commit themselves on these trips for which we can’t thank them enough. Some of these boxes will be given to our friends who’ve supported Sun Travel in their personal ways, the nannies and their humility.

This annual event is to signify the Chinese version of Thanksgiving, and by indulging in the moon cake that’s one way to commemorate it. Listening to stories about how the festival came to be, making traditional lanterns, eating, and meeting with friends and families are the qualities that make this event so memorable, globally.

Sun Travel will also continue to support organizations within the USA and beyond because we feel our ties to such organizations help bring people together. We feel so fortunate to be able to reach many areas and want to celebrate with those during this special time. For those of you who are interested to get a little taste of what this festival is all about, click on the link below. Thank you and enjoy! 


-By Ming Foxweldon

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