Happy Chinese New Year

Xin Nian Kuai Le! We want to wish all our families and our guides in China peace, good health and safety in the year of the snake.

We have been busy in the months leading up to the Chinese New Year.  Kids Travel Free has brought more heritage tour families traveling to China this summer than ever before. We are so happy to meet so many new families!

We’ve also been busy sponsoring Chinese New Year Events across the country. In late January we sponsored part of Families Blessed with the Worlds Children’s Chinese New Year Event in Kansas City. The Murray family, who will be traveling with us this summer, volunteered to man a booth, talk to families and give their insights about traveling to China. We are so grateful for their time and bringing their enthusiasm to the event. We also would like to thank our adoptive mom in Austin, Toni for her help in brining Sun Travel’s presence to the FCC Austin’s Chinese New Year event.

We’re also pleased for the new relations we have made with FCCNY and First Coast FCC in Florida. At the Westchester County/Bronx Chinese New year event we’re excited to be sponsoring the games and crafts while In Florida we’ll be sponsoring the DJ. In Chicago too, we have donated terra cotta necklaces for their silent auction benefiting Half the Sky at their Chinese New Year event.

Finally, here in Seattle, we are excited to be attending FCCNW’s Chinese New Year Event. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with families and seeing the children’s smiling faces on the eve of the year of the snake.

Sometimes it can get so busy it’s important to take a moment and get in the feeling of the holiday. We fell very blessed with the family’s we’ve been able to meet. The last year has been so fruitful—with so many families signing up for heritage tours—that we know the fortune we will find in the year of the snake will be in the way of new friends. To the families that have traveled with us in the past we hope that you too have a prosperous year.

Finally, we’d like to take a special moment to give our thoughts to a special little boy. Camden was adopted from China In November and recently had significant surgery performed. We wish the little ‘noodle boy’ a strong recovery.

The dawn of the new year offers so much potential, families returning to China, children experiencing their birth country for the first time and parents bringing home their new child to care for. We wish good fortune to all the families in the year of the snake.

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